Topic outline

  • 1st Conference Peer-Reviewed Proceedings

    The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)
    Intercultural Communication in Language Communication (ICLE)
    Special Interest Group (SIG)

    Tokyo, February 2022
    Javier Salazar & Gaby Benthien (Editors)
    ISSN: 2436-9896

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    Table of Contents

    • Covering Culture in the Pre-service Teacher Practicum
      Hale, C.D. & Shimamoto, D.R
    • A Research Report on Promoting Intercultural Communication through an Online Communication App 
      Eng Hai, T.
    • Life in a Box: A New Take on Intercultural Communication
      Ryan, S. M.
    • Warp Speed in Language Classes
      Yoshimura, K.
    • The Logic Behind ICLE: An Approach for Syllabi and Textbook Design
      Salazar, J.